Sunday, March 27, 2011


Let's talk about food. A significant motivation for going WWOOFing was that I imagined I would be eating fresh, delicious, wholesome, healthy food at these organic farms. In my head, these meals were pretty expansive; lots of spices and dishes. While in reality, the food that I've had so far has been pretty simple, it has definitely fulfilled all those other expectations. The salads, as mentioned previously, couldn't get much fresher or more local. And the food itself is fresh from the market we went to on Saturday (if not from this farm itself), and, though simple, really satisfying. Also, they make their own bread here, which I have now resolved to start doing (key ingredient is spelt in addition to wheat flour). A notable exception to the simpleness is the piece of apple and berry crumble that Wolfgang bought for me at the market, from their preferred baker. I was going to say that it was classic French baking, but the guy we bought it from is actually German. Whatever, it was great.

I think I'm going to cook tomorrow- hopefully it won't be disastrous. I won't say "I can't imagine it will be" so I don't jinx myself, but still, I'm going to fry up some tofu with a few spices. This is something I can (should be able) to do.

Now, let's talk briefly about barbed wire fences. They are extremely frustrating to take down (rolling up a line of barbed wire is annoying, as it gets caught on everything, including but not limited to gloves and shirts). However, putting up barbed wire fences is kind of fun. (Not much to it, as the posts were already in the ground, but still, compared to taking down the other fence, much more enjoyable).

Also, it's really pretty here. (I was going to illustrate that sentence with a picture I took today, but I'm too tired to upload it to the computer and give it the necessary tweakings to put it online. Next time.)

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