Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Energy Discussions

Haven't updated because it would just mostly be a list of what I've been doing: painting a wall, cutting down saplings, more weeding. Today was my day off; I opted to sort of lounge about the house/ property rather than explore further afield (though I like traveling to far-off places, I also like to just sort of be a homebody once in a while too).

I've had some interesting discussions (some of them in French!) while I've been here, of course about environmental issues. I've noticed a few things: one, people mostly fixate on nuclear as the significant problem when it comes to environmental energy issues. This is likely due in part to the disaster in Japan, but it seems like it's generally what people turn to. There has, in fact, been very little mention of global climate change, which is what dominates similar conversations in the US.

I've been told by both Ingrid and Wolfgang that I should watch Food, Inc., which I have been meaning to; I recently watched King Corn, which I believe covers a few of the same topics. Neither Ingrid nor Wolfgang had heard of Omnivore's Dilemma; while it is clearly based on the US food industry, I think it's still worth reading for non-US folks as well.

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