Friday, April 8, 2011


Hard to believe I only have one day of work left (tomorrow is Saturday, thus day off/ market day; work Sunday, then leave Monday!).

I realized I never gave a full schedule of my work here:

Non-days off (i.e., not Saturday or Wednesday):

Wake up ~8:15 am; eat some breakfast
Start work ~9 am; work until ~12.
Lunch is the main meal of the day; one person cooks (we switch off each day) and the other does the salad.
After lunch, usually have a chat with Ingrid about something, then a siesta until 3 pm.
Work 3 pm- 6 pm or so; shower, then dinner, then various evening activities (usually watch the sun set and go online).

Saturdays are fun; we go to the market about 25 minutes away; the past 2 times Ingrid or Wolfgang has treated me to a pastry from their go-to chef and then we go to a cafe.

Also, I want to note that I made risotto today, and it was damn good (under-spiced, but otherwise a good texture, which I imagine is the hard part). I am pleased with myself (clearly).

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